Dexude hosted over 5,000+ talents at the Omniverse Career Center

Dexude, a leading platform for tech capacity enhancement in Nigeria, proudly announces the successful hosting of the Omniverse Career Center from February 27th to March 1st, 2024. This initiative underscores Dexude’s unwavering commitment to investing in talents and creators across Nigeria and Africa.

Kelvin Chikezie, (Co-Founder, Dexude), Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Charles Emembolu (Co-founder, Dexude) at the Omniverse Summit 2024 held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The week-long program convened talents, creators, start-ups, and the broader tech community from Lagos and beyond, showcasing myriad opportunities across borders. Dexude has consistently played a pivotal role over the past two years in connecting talents to global opportunities, enabling creators to reach wider audiences, and fostering economic growth and innovation in Nigeria.

The Career Center served as a nexus for stakeholders, organizations, high-end professionals, and communities to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas. Dexude’s dedication to fostering opportunities and providing invaluable resources to talents and creators is earning commendation across Nigeria and Africa.

This event signifies Dexude’s renewed vigour and strategic vision to empower 1,000,000,000 learners across Africa as a technology-enabled education platform.

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Asa Asika, (a Nigerian talent manager), speaking at the 2024 Omniverse Summit Career Center held in Lagos, Nigeria.

Notably, the Career Center attracted a remarkable audience of 5,000 direct and indirect participants, including talents, organizations, creators, and stakeholders. The event was made possible through partnerships with Tecchquest, She Leads Africa, Jobberman, Ingressive for Good, Semicolon, co-spire, Health City, and other notable brands.

Featuring an impressive lineup of guests, speakers, panelists, and specialists, the event provided attendees with an enriching and memorable experience. Distinguished figures such as Hannatu Musawa (Honorable Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy, Nigeria), Chikodi Onyemerela (Director of Programmes and Chairman, Board of Directors, British Council Nigeria), Ashley Immanuel (Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Semi-colon), Olapeju Ibekwe (Sterling One CEO), Wamide Animashun (Ecosystem & Partnerships Director, Propel), Daniel Emeka (Eden Venture Group), Chioma Onuchukwu (Head of TuneCore, West & East Africa), Jude Ogene (Founder and CEO, Charles Winnsboro Corporation), Ayo’ Oyaleke (Co-founder & CEO, Mainstack), and a host of other amazing speakers who shared valuable insights and perspectives.

Participants left the Career Center equipped with new skills and knowledge, poised to make a lasting impact in their respective fields. As part of Dexude’s growth strategy, the Omniverse Summit Career Center is a testament to our ongoing commitment to helping talents acquire new skills, enhance job performance, and bolster employability.

Dexude is a leading platform for tech capacity enhancement in Nigeria, dedicated to connecting talents to global opportunities and empowering creators to reach wider audiences. Through strategic initiatives like the Omniverse Career Center, Dexude is fostering economic growth, innovation, and empowerment across Nigeria and Africa. Visit to learn more.

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