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Web Development

Learn to build structured, complex and attractive websites satisfactory, accessible, responsive and database-driven websites and web applications for the end-user.

Data Analytics

Learn to create accurate machine learning models and different data science tools to explore and manipulate data for analysis and implementation in any area.

Mobile App Development

Hope on our mobile app dev program to create amazing high-end apps and quality API’s to meet diverse needs to run on all mobile devices.


Join our cybersecurity program and learn how about system and network protection. Have access to specialized knowledge of areas like Big Data and IoT to mitigate the risk.

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Most frequent questions and answers

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No, there is no application fee.

No, the program is not free. You’ll get an invoice according to your preference after you register.

The part time program will run for 8 weekends while the full-time program will run for a period of 5 weeks during weekdays.


All classes take place in the evening and would require a minimum of 10hours of training and practice.

Yes, you will. At the end of the program, successful trainees will receive a certificate of completion.

Very likely if you meet up to 70% attendance, and 90% project and assignments completion.

Yes, classes are fully online for now.

You don’t need access to the Internet every day. Classes will be uploaded on our YouTube channels that you can access at any time.