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Are you fed up with pre-recorded online courses without interaction, feedback or collaboration with tutors and learning peers? You are not alone! You are one out of millions of people globally who craves live training to excel. Dexude was built with you in mind.

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Discover and Enrol in FREE and paid high-in-demand live tech training courses from thousands of vetted training organisations globally. No matter your location, interest, schedule and financial state, we definitely have courses that will suit you perfectly.

Online and On-site Live Training

Not a big fan of learning over a laptop or mobile phone? Our platform offers both live online and live on-site training courses from thousands of training organizations around you, giving you the freedom to choose the course delivery mode that works best for you.

Community and Peer Learning

Joining Dexude means you will be joining an active and vibrant community of learners that will support you throughout your learning journey. We grow together as a community, and we connect you with other learners, so you never have to learn alone.

Placement and Work

We will provide access to global work opportunities so that you can get discovered by recruiters across the world. This will make it easy for you to get hired and build a career based on the courses you have been trained on.

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Funding and Scholarship

At Dexude, we believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality education. Therefore, we want to provide financial assistance to young people passionate about learning tech skills but cannot afford it.

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Journal of Educational Psychology found thatlearners in live training courses showed higher levels of comprehension, retention, and transfer of knowledge compared to learners in pre-recorded virtual training courses“.

What world leaders are saying about Live Courses

"Nothing can replace live interaction and instruction. The ability to read body language and facial expressions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback is invaluable."
Josh Bersin
HR Thought Leader & Founder of Bersin by Deloitte
"Live training is the most effective way to learn. It provides the opportunity for learners to engage with the material and with each other, which is critical for comprehension and retention."
Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark
Instructional Design Expert & Author of Evidence-Based Training Methods
"Virtual training has its place, but it cannot replace the value of live training. Live training provides a level of interaction and engagement that simply cannot be replicated in a pre-recorded virtual course."
Karl Kapp,
Instructional Technology Expert & Author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction

At Dexude, we believe education must be fundamentally reinvented – live-first, expert-led, and community-driven. Join us on a mission to build a technology-enabled education platform that will empower 1,000,000,000 learners.